Yes, besides avoiding a refusal from the Examiner, there is another reason to search your trademark for conflicts before filing your trademark application. ! 

Carefully search your mark for conflicts, yes, so that the Examiner does not refuse your trademark application, but also to avoid tipping off your competition, who may have already registered a similar mark .

You may have found the trademark conflict, and so now you know you need to transition to another trademark. If you make the mistake of not doing a good search, in addition to getting a rejection from the trademark examiner, you’ve also tipped off the mark owner of your infringing use.

Now instead of transitioning on your timetable, you’ll have to transition on his. The examiner refusal isn’t even the biggest problem; tipping off your competitor is. You may have to dispose of inventory, marketing collateral, change to a new URL…What a nightmare! And all because you tipped off the trademark owner by blundering into the trademark registry with your hopeless trademark application.

A good trademark search by a competent professional can prevent these sorts of disasters! Contact me to get actual legal advice, which you’ll never get from those cheap filing services.

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