Trademark Services

We provide business leaders with a complete range of services designed to obtain, protect, and monetize their valuable brands.

Trademark Searches

Before you file a trademark application, be sure that it’s been cleared for use. A good search prevents wasted money on trademark office filing fees, so be sure that you get a professional opinion on the registrability of your mark before you file.

Trademark Registration

Proper drafting and filing of your trademark application can mean the difference between obtaining a trademark registration and getting an Office Action refusing your mark. Having filed hundreds of registrations, we know how to do the job right, the first time.

Trademark Office Actions

Have you received an Office Action from the Trademark Examiner, and now you’re not sure what to do next? You have a deadline to respond, so don’t let your trademark application go abandoned due to a late response.

Trademark Opposition Proceedings

Have you received a Notice of Opposition, or do you want to oppose another’s trademark registration? Your time to respond to an opposition or oppose a mark is very limited. Act now to protect your rights.

Trademark Infringements and Disputes

Is someone infringing your trademark rights, or have you been accused of trademark infringement? You need an advocate who knows your rights and remedies.

Trademark Renewals

Once you have your trademark, you need to renew it periodically. Don’t inadvertently abandon your trademark due to missing a renewal deadline.

Trademark Monitoring

You’ve received your trademark registration, so now you need to protect it against infringers. We offer monitoring of your mark to swiftly respond to those who file an application for an infringing mark.

Trademark Licensing

Monetize your trademarks — Increase revenue and brand reach by licensing your trademarks to others.

Trademark Usage Counseling

Don’t lose your valuable trademark due to non-use or misuse. Proper usage builds your brand and protects your rights.

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